Water, Fire, Mold and Storm Remediation

To remediate is to correct or make right. When you remediate some kind of damage or mistake, you repair it or set it straight.

We specialize in Water, Fire, Mold, and Storm remediation.

Our goal is to get you back in your home in a caring, professional, and timely manner.

Home Restore and Rebuild

Life happens. And, we understand being away from your home, because of unforeseen disaster, can be very stressful.

That’s why, before we start, we give you a home restore/rebuild plan, with daily updates via text and/or email.

We Buy Houses

Regardless of house condition, situation, or circumstances. We will purchase your house and turn it into a home for a family.

Contract for Deed Ownership

our life does not have to be perfect to purchase a home.
No loan qualifying, low or flexible down payment. favorable interest rates and flexible terms, and a quicker move in date.

Women's Transitional Housing

Women have many roles and obligations to fulfill as wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, spiritual advisors, and more. Fulfilling these obligations can become challenging, especially when women are confronted with a lack of housing, support from family and the community.

We provide transitional housing to women in an effort to reduce “barriers of entry” back into the family, community and the workplace.

Homeless Youth Housing

Growing numbers of teens and young adults without homes are an increasing challenge in urban areas.

The federal government says in four Midwestern states, including Missouri and Kansas, people ages 24 and younger living on the streets jumped 55 percent last year.

We provide homeless youth housing with the necessary support system to assist teens with moving forward in life, instead of backwards.

Here’s What We Do For Our Clients

Terri’s Story

Terri’s Story Before our renovation:

“Faith Properties upgraded and helped sell my house within 30 days. I highly recommend their services.”

Terri’s Story After our renovation:

Will’s Story

Before our renovation:

“After calling KCPL several times to remove a large branch hanging over powerline in my backyard failed; the large branch came down on powerline burning the back of my home. Faith Properties came in and rebuilt the back of my home in a timely and professional manner. I was back in my home as promised. Thank you Faith Properties”.

After our renovation:

Alfred’s Story

Before our renovation:

“I purchased a home and tried to rehab myself. After filling up 13-40 yard dumpsters, the project became too overwhelming. I hired Faith Properties and they gave me a plan to finish my home and made it happen, on time and within my budget.

I would hire them again, without hesitation .”

After our renovation:

Proverbs Holdings, LLC's Story

Before our renovation:

“At first we were reluctant to purchase this property, it had been sitting vacant for 5 years, and was in really bad shape. However, after we saw the Faith Property rehab plan to bring the house back to life, we knew Faith Property could handle the project… and they did. After rehab, the property sold within 30 days during COVID-19 Pandemic. Thank you Faith Properties!!! Can’t wait for the next projects”.

After our renovation:

Disaster Emotional Support Guide