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2300 Main Street
Suite 900
Kansas City, Missouri 64108

Authorization to Proceed and Payment Schedule Agreement


The undersigned Home, Property Owner, or owner's representative, authorizes Proverbs Holdings, LLC dba Faith Properties to perform any and all necessary restoration, rebuild, or remodel services (project) at property located at the property address above.

Home/Property Owner authorizes  Insurance Company, herein referred to as “Insurance Company” to pay Faith Properties directly for performed work covered by Home/Property Owner’s insurance policy, described  project plan.  All payments shall be made payable to Proverbs Holdings, LLC.  Home/Property Owner authorizes Faith Properties to contact my/our insurance and/or mortgage company for communicating all phases of project and collection of insurance payments. 

All payments to Faith Properties shall be made in the form of Cashier’s Check or Wire Transfer.

Wire Transfer Instructions

Bank: Mo Bank

Routing # 101015101

Account # 8093904197

If project is below $3,000, Home/Property owner agrees to pay Faith Properties 50% deposit to start project and 50% upon project completion.  These payments can be made via Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, ACH, or Personal Check. 

The below payment schedule will be completed and sent to Home/Property Owner after Faith Properties receives this signed agreement from Home/Property Owner.

Payment Schedule Payments Due Date
Project Start Payment. 50% of Insurance Claim.
Mid Project Payment. 50% of claim balance amount.
Project final payment, remaining claim balance, on or before week of July 1, 2019

Faith Properties will provide Home/Property Owner, Insurance, and Mortgage Company with daily project updates to ensure timely payments.  Our goal, bearing no "Acts of God", or delays beyond our control, is to complete project 30-45 days.

If for any reason, Home/Property Owner receives a check from Insurance Company made payable to Home/Property Owner and Mortgage Company only, Home/Property Owner agrees to pay Faith Properties immediately.  In order to expedite payment to Faith Properties, Home/Property Owner hereby appoints Faith Properties as attorney-in-fact, authorizing Faith Properties to endorse Home/Property Owner's name on Insurance or Mortgage Company checks or drafts, and to deposit Insurance or Mortgage Company checks.

Furthermore, Home/Property Owner hereby appoints Faith Properties as attorney-in-fact, authoring Faith Properties to contact Insurance and Mortgage company, on their behalf, for payments mentioned above in this agreement.

Home/Property Owner agrees to pay Home/Property Owner' s deductible in whatever amount indicate in home owner’s insurance policy that applies to this claim.

If any amounts owed to Faith Properties for services are not covered by insurance, or Mortgage Company, Home/Property Owner agrees to pay those amounts to Faith Properties within five (5) days of Home/Property Owner's receipt of invoice via Home/Property Owner via credit card or checking account (ACH).


I have read this Authorization to Proceed and Payment Schedule Agreement and agree to its terms and conditions.

Home/Property Owner

Home/Property Owner

Faith Properties
Kenneth P. Yancy I
Chief General Contractor